Why we still need to celebrate International Women's day.

Why we still need to celebrate International Women's day.

Entering the entrepreneurial world as a woman is an exciting challenge, and unfortunately you will still face obstacles that will underscore your womanhood. But at the same time, there is an inexhaustible female community ready to help you thrive. Today we celebrate ourselves, our energy, our willpower, our courage, and most of all, our femininity that contributes to a beautiful world.

Early in our careers, we both decided to start working within a company. Gradually, we realized that this success was not to be taken for granted and that unfortunately, the glass ceiling is not a niche. Admittedly, we both started working in a female sector which made the road a little less bumpy, but we were still often confronted with the apparent limits of our womanhood. 

After many exciting years in different companies, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start our own business. It was a nice, but scary feeling to be in full control and to keep fighting for something we created ourselves. Now we belong to the entrepreneurial world for a little over two years and it has already been an inspiring journey. Along the way, we discovered the power of the female community that we continue to build on and enjoy contributing to.

The entry conditions to become an entrepreneur are not gender related and this makes it interesting for women to join this challenging world. Anyone can breathe life into a good idea and although it will be a little less obvious as a woman, there are numerous resources available to help your business flourish. There are grants, business awards, many programs and training exclusively for women. There is a whole world eager to put on a pink coat.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, we celebrate entrepreneurship and raise a glass to all the female role models who are essential to making our daughters dream bigger than they previously thought was possible.

Enjoy this special day, 

Helga and Ine,

Co-founders Kaai

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