KAAI bags - collection Fall/Winter 2019

Where it all started…

2 active women, travelling around the globe for more than 20 years in the fashion and retail business. Hurrying from a business meeting to a reception, and then catching an early flight the next morning. Their main companions: a laptop, a mobile phone, lots of paperwork and women’s stuff, all stuffed into their handbags and trolleys. Desperately looking for a stylish bag to fit all their needs, they decided to create a new bag concept for women on the go.

The perfect bag needs to be both functional and feminine

After gathering in-depth insights from active women and their relationships with their bags, they found that women are irritated by the chaos in their fashionable but often unpractical handbags, yet bored with the looks of their “masculine” workbags. A job to be done for KAAI…

Creating Kaai bags badge

Creating Kaai

KAAI aims to radically change the slightly chaotic moments in the lives of modern-day women. Its founders, Ine Verhaert and Helga Meersmans, exchanged their business careers to realize their personal mission: creating a workbag that is both surprisingly functional and fashionable. A timeless piece, which can be carried all year round, at any place, on any occasion. With an eye for detail, superior materials and a multi-purpose design, your KAAI not just takes your stuff… It carries your life…

Functionality and feminine sophistication combined

Women on the go “do it all”. They are KAAI’s muse. KAAI is their companion that makes their lives easier as they rush to work, then lunch, and cocktails at nine.

KAAI stands for functionality and versatility without aesthetic compromise. Hand-picked materials, colorful styles and micro suede blue lining give the bags their feminine appeal. A lightweight design and adjustable straps provide maximum flexibility and portability, whether she’s on the go, on the road or on her bike.

Redefined luxury and quality in a workbag

Redefined luxury and quality

Women of today are time-pressed, creating a new dimension to luxury. KAAI’s stylized functionality is this new luxury: it helps confident women to organize their busy lives in a fashionable way.

KAAI has a minimalistic yet strong design, suitable for a variety of occasions. The materials selected are durable, lightweight, waterproof and stain-protected. The quality is reflected in premium materials and cleverly-designed compartments for electronic devices, chargers, coffee mugs and make-up.

Connected and empowered

At KAAI, we connect with our community of women to make them live like a boss. In open dialogue, we continuously perfect our bags, making sure our KAAI women feel confident and organized in life.

Our versatile bag design connects with today’s power women and their unpredictable schedules.

Designed in Antwerp

KAAI embodies the city of Antwerp by adopting the Antwerp quays in its name and vision – the quay as the city’s connection to the ever-moving water, symbolizing the lives of women on the go.