Find the perfect wallet to match with your Kaai bag.

Find the perfect wallet to match with your Kaai bag.

Let's create some space in your bag.

Our wallets are designed to make your life on-the-go easier. With the warmer months right on our doorstep, it's time to update those daily accessories. 

Card holder: 

size: 15cmx7cm.

This is a different card holder. It’s design makes it perfect for holding coins as well as cards. Crafted in luxurious Italian leather, it features a zip pocket and 5 card compartments and makes this purse a little piece of luxury. 

 Fits in every handbag, also in the smaller Kaai bags: 

  • Ikon clutch 
  • Ikon belt bag 
  • Mini bowler 



 Midi wallet: 

Size: 11cmx9cm.

Meet our brand new compact wallet inspired by the Art Deco. The midi wallet features 6 card holder compartments and a pocket for cash.

Available in plain leather and in croco. 

The midi wallet perfectly fits in : 

  • (Mini) Bowler 
  • (mini) Hero
  • (midi) Pyramid 
  • Ikon 
  • Ikon clutch → It fits but for this bag we would recommend the card holder.

shoulder bag


Size: 19cmx10cm.

Inspired by Art Deco, this long , sleek wallet is a real design piece. Crafted in luxurious Italian leather, it manages to be contemporary yet refined. It has 8 card compartments, 2 sleeve pockets and a compartment in the middle for notes. Due to the special finish at one side of the wallet it is very sleek to keep enough space in your handbag for other essentials.

 Fits in: 

  • (mini) Hero 
  • (midi) Pyramid 
  • Ikon 
  • Bowler


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