High-quality leathers

Before launching KAAI, co-founders Ine & Helga spend over a year researching and visiting different leather tanneries in Italy.

Our leathers are sourced exclusively from Italian tanneries that proudly hold the LWG (leather working group) certification.

"It's more than just leather. The tanneries we're working with are committed to sustainability, traceability, and social responsibility." - Ine & Helga

Commitment to sustainability

Every KAAI bag is made from leather that comes from food industry by-products, cutting down waste.

We're commitment to sustainability and durability, creating cross seasonal designs from materials that stand the test of time.

All leathers are used efficiently, minimizing waste with each piece. Adding small accessories to our collection lets us use all the cut-offs, turning them into meaningful items.

Our leathers meet strict CE 19071 2006 REACH standards, ensuring they're safe for you and kind to the environment.

Bespoke color palette

By partnering with 3 trusted tanneries and maintaining close relationships, we ensure quality and colour consistency across the collection.

Unlike many other brands, we don't work with pre-defined colours but invest time in selecting and creating unique, timeless shades for each season. Therefore, we proudly present a color palette uniquely made for our brand.

Discover our leathers

Plain and grain Leather

Our plain and grain leather comes from a special tannery in Northern Italy, experts in innovative technology. Using their patented techniques, they treat our 100% cow leather, making it water, UV, and scratch-resistant. Ideal for your busy lifestyle, perfect for work, and travel.

They also collaborate with luxury goods conglomerates such as LVMH and Kering, resulting in a highly innovative environment with the highest quality standards.

Nappa Leather

Our Nappa leather is a soft top grain cow leather sourced from one of Northern Italy's foremost tanneries, crafting premium leathers since 1956.

Being LWG certified, they uphold a commitment to sustainability and traceability.

Nappa leather gets a soft touch by its particular tanning process. This leather will evolve and age over time telling your personal story.


Also coming from Northern Italy, our Nappalack leather is a tumbled patent calf leather with a stunning glossy finish.

The natural crinkles not only add a touch of elegance but also make this nappalack leather stronger than traditional patent leather, ensuring both style and durability.

Croco/snake embossed leather

For the embossed leathers we work together with a family owned tannery that is located in Tuscany, specialized in prints & embossing.

All our snake/croco printed leathers are made from 100% full grain calf leather.

Being LWG silver rated and experts in print, they develop specials for many designer and catwalk collections.

In this way we get insights to the newest trends, which inspires us to develop our own bespoke prints and shades.

Cactus-based leather

This sustainable leather alternative crafted from cactus leaves, is one of the most eco-friendly materials available. Harvested without harming the plant, these leaves are transformed into a leather-like material in Italy.

The cactus thrives without irrigation, absorbing CO2, minimizing its carbon footprint.

This biomaterial blends 33% cactus with 67% recycled PU, creating our a very lightweight, durable and water-resistant material.