A luxury work bag for the modern women on the go.

How it all started.

Meet Ine and Helga, the owners of KAAI. Prior to starting up their own brand, these two women were traveling around the world for work. Rushing from business meetings to brunches, from airline lounges to receptions and back again.  

Because the handbags, briefcases and trolleys they used to carry their belongings looked anything but attractive or stylish, they decided to design their own bags, specifically made for 'women on the go'.

By women for women.

After gathering in-dept insights from thousands of active women and spent hundreds of hours understanding their relationships with their bags the verdict was clear.

Women were irritated by the chaos in their fashionable but often impractical handbags, yet bored with the masculine looks of their work bags. 

Women's work bag with laptop 

With their structured styles and inner sense of organization, Kaai bags help keep women's lives in order. Thoughtful compartments made out of soft suede preserve anything a woman could possibly ever need: from electronic devices, laptops, documents  to wallets, travel mugs and make-up. In short: a luxury leather briefcase for women.

A KAAI bag is handcrafted to the highest standards: made with high-quality Italian leather, treated with an innovative technology which makes it resistant to scratches, water and sun rays. So no worries if you want to take them with you on your bike, the metro or store it under the seat during your flight. 

Listed in the top 15 best work bags in the world.  

The online magazine Luxe digital made a research about which bags are office-appropriate but also chic and compact. 

They rounded up with a top 15 list of best work bags from carryall totes to laptop bags, backpacks and satchel bags. Between all these famous designer names, the Kaai (midi) pyramid bag is  nominated number 7  in the list.  Want to read more about the experience of Florine Eppe with her Pyramid? Find out her testimonial on Luxe digital.

From London to Paris, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney, women around the world have been spotted toting a Kaai bag. 

Find your perfect handbag to support your on-the-go lifestyle.

1. The Pyramid 

Midi Pyramid €595 ( 13,3" laptop), also available in XL Pyramid  €695 (15" laptop)

The Pyramid  style is an elegant tote bag that feels refreshingly practical and deliciously desirable. 

There is room for all personal belongings a woman needs. Furthermore, you can also carry your laptop, tablet, and documents. Thanks to the many compartments inside, you are able to keep a clear overview and will quickly find what you need.  A laptop bag must also be structured, so that it is easy to find  the necessary documents and  computer.

2. The Heroes

Hero - €695 (13" laptop) ,  Mini hero - €495 (I-pad)

The Hero bag can be worn as a shoulder, cross body and backpack. This backpack looks a lot more elegant than a regular backpack and gives you more freedom of movement. This piece is designed to offer endless versatility and exists in 2 sizes.  Perfect on your bike or during your business flight. 

3. The Bowler and Midi Bowler, a cross body work-travel bag


The Bowler family: wearable handheld, on the shoulder or cross-body. Bowler is adapted up to 14” laptop and the smaller Midi Bowler is designed to fit a tablet. 

A new survey in the Kaai women community resulted in the need of another type of workbag: a cross shoulder bag which is light and responds to the new way of working, living and traveling. 

Kaai women belief 2021 will be the year of hybrid working: one day working from home, the next at the office.   Some of them also enjoyed the experience of taking the (electric) bike to the office and therefore need a bag which you can carry cross body. 

The Bowler can be matched with the mini-bowler.

 Mini Bowler, €325 including long and short shoulder strap. 

Handle chaos like a boss.

As an active woman, you hit the road each day. You combine a busy job with a personal life. One moment you demand organization, a few hours later you plan to be fashionable. For you, choosing between luxury and functionality is not an option. You deserve both!


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