Talking sizes: the Midi Pyramid or the Pyramid?

Talking sizes: the Midi Pyramid or the Pyramid?

Are you doubting which Pyramid bag to go for? It can be tough to choose the right bag size that perfectly fits your needs. We show you how exactly the Pyramid differs from the smaller-sized Midi Pyramid. But one thing is sure, they’re both designed to let you excel at work!

What you should consider picking the right size: 

First, think about whether you’ll use this bag to carry around a laptop regularly. Both the Pyramid and the Midi version have an integrated laptop sleeve to keep your laptop stored away safely when rushing from one meeting to another. The key difference is that the Pyramid is designed to fit a laptop up to 15 Inches while the Midi Pyramid is suitable for any laptop up to 13.3 Inches, which corresponds more or less to the size of a standard A4 sheet. 

Note: some laptops have a wider border around the screen then others. Therefore we recommend you to not just trust the indicated inches but to measure the lenght of your laptop yourself. The maximum lenght of your laptop to fit: 
- Midi Pyramid is 32,5cm
- Pyramid is 36 cm



Midi Pyramid

Laptop compartment size: 
L 36cm x H 28,5cm

5 inner pockets

2 pen/lipgloss pockets

bottle/umbrella holder

Weight: 1,4kg

Laptop compartment size: 
L 32,5cm x H 23cm

2 inner pockets

2 pen/lipgloss pockets

bottle/umbrella holder

Weight: 1,2kg

I have a 13,3 Inch computer, but will the Midi-Pyramid be big enough for the rest I carry around?

The Midi-Pyramid is designed with multiple compartments. Rest assured you’ll have enough space to store your chargers, phone, wallet, umbrella and/or water bottle in this bag. Even if from time to time you carry some paperwork, the middle part of the bag is spacious enough to fit an extra A4 notepad or folder.

When to choose the large Pyramid format?

When you're working on a 15 Inch laptop or when your job requires you to carry multiple files and folders back and forth. 

Since there is a distinct difference in size, we’d like to help you to envision the bag in its real-life dimensions on yourself using the model below (height 1m75).

Left: Pyramid - Right: Midi Pyramid 

Keep in mind that the Pyramid bag easily becomes heavy given its dimensions. The more place you have to store things away, the more you tend to carry and the heavier the bag gets. Our community of #Kaaiwomen learned us that women <1m65 usually tend more towards the Midi Pyramid, just because the goal of a Kaai Bag is to ease life, not to make it heavier.

Head over to the laptop size guide if you're not 100% sure if your laptop fits.