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#Kaaiwoman - edition Yasmine Zahnoun

02 Aug, 2021

Meet Yasmine, a driven, entrepreneurial young woman who has been part of the Kaai team since the very beginning. More than six months ago, she decided to take matters into her own hands by starting her own PR business. After five years of working for both national and international brands, Yasmine ventured into the entrepreneurial world at a young age. She now represents numerous cool brands in the fashion, design and lifestyle industry. kaaitomen

Yasmine studied communication in Brussels because she was attracted to the world of communication, but at that time she had no idea what PR exactly meant. Sure, you could become a journalist, but what else? Her passion for PR has always translated itself in an obsession with fashion and lifestyle magazines. She couldn't get enough of them: in the train, during class, on Sunday morning during breakfast, you name it, she had and still has the latest edition with her. After her first internship, she got a glimpse behind the scenes of the PR world and was immediately convinced that this sector was for her.

After five years of gaining experience at various companies in the PR industry, she felt that she had mastered the many tricks of the trade and could continue on her own. The corporate structure often limited her from making a deeper connection with the brand, on her own she is able to create a more profound relationship with the brand she represents.

Yasmine has just given birth to her first child and is facing a whole new horizon in which it is important for her to find the harmony between her private and professional life. As a young mother and passionate entrepreneur, she shares how important it is to follow your gut feeling, go through life value-driven and forge authentic, deep relationships both professionally and privately. Yasmine's ambition and eagerness to learn know a limitless future, and we're sure this won't be the last time you hear from her.


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