Simplify your travel with the perfect carry-on tote bag

Simplify your travel with the perfect carry-on tote bag

No more wrestling with your luggage? The newest Helix travel edition hooks on with ease. Its upgraded design allows for easy attachment to your trolley, making your journeys comfortable and stylish. 

The elastic roller bag strap can easily be tucked away when you're not using it. So, it keeps looking stylish and doesn't scream "travel bag" to everyone. Pretty practical, right? Say goodbye to those unsightly roller bag sleeves that ruin your bags design. 


This bag has been designed with your convenience and style in mind. The Italian leather is coated with a special layer, making it tough enough to handle security checks and storage in a plane overhead compartment.

This coating not only makes the bag more durable but also protects against scratches, so your bag stays classy no matter how many trips you take!

And you'll find a world of organizational possibilities. It's thoughtfully designed and features many inside compartments, allowing you to effortlessly organize your travel essentials.

From your passport and boarding pass to your headphones and other small necessities, everything has a designated place. No more scrambling or frustration - you'll easily find what you need.

The bag comes in two sizes. The large version fits a laptop up to 15.6 inches, and the midi version accommodates a laptop up to 13 inches. This makes it a great accessory for work, travel, and leisure.

Discover the (Midi)Helix travel edition now in Merlot, Moss Green, Black, Cognac and Camel. 

All colours

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