Quality & materials

Quintessential quality

Handcrafted to the highest standards, all our products are refined and reliable. That uncompromising commitment to quality and exceptional attention to details and textures are at the heart of everything we do.

We source only the finest, most enduring materials. Our collection is made of fine Italian cow, calf and naplack leather and lined with velvet suede in the signature KAAI blue.

A bag that protects everything you place inside with an utmost luxurious appeal.

Innovation at its best

Our collection made out of fine Italian cow leather sourced from a single tannery and is treated with a patent innovative coating. This coating makes your bag resistant to scratches, water and sun rays.

A KAAI bag is designed to survive the daily grind.

Conscious craftsmanship

We strive for mindful manufacturing and consumption. Forget about fashion fads and fleeting trends. We value longevity — our bags are timeless and durable investment pieces, designed to last.

We are committed to sustainable practices across our entire supply chain, starting from the choice of raw materials. Our partners are carefully selected, and we continuously verify that their work remains responsible and ethical.

We constantly make improvements to reduce the impact of our manufacturing and distribution processes, and happily share our journey with our stakeholders.