Make a stellar return to the office with these luxury work bags

Make a stellar return to the office with these luxury work bags

As you prepare to return to work, it's time to upgrade from your beach bag to a sophisticated work bag that combines functionality, organization, and style.

Find your ideal companion for the daily work routine below.

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3 questions to ask yourself when choosing the perfect business bag.

1. What do I take with me on an average workday?

It’s time to turn your old bag upside down! What comes out?

Your laptop is essential. Based on its size you can opt for a work bag that fits a 13.3”, 13.5”, 14” or 15.6” laptop.

These essentials can be pretty heavy. KAAI bags are specifically reinforced to maintain their shape even when heavily loaded.



It is often astonishing to see what women carry with them on a business day: chargers and charging cables, connectors, pointers, make-up, an extra pair of stockings, keys, sunglasses, a wallet, hairbrush, stationary, mints, a water bottle…

On average, women carry 23 items in their bag. Time to count yours!

2. How do I commute?

Do you use public transport? Go to work by bike or scooter? Are you often on the go during the day? Matching your work bag to your commute is crucial.

  • Experience comfort and convenience with KAAI's bestselling Tote 'Pyramid.' Carry it effortlessly over the shoulder or by the handles, while staying organized with 2 outer pockets and multiple inner pockets for all your commuting and work essentials.
  • The Helix tote is a shoulder bag, it is lightweight, and its relaxed design makes it perfect to carry from the office straight to dinner outings and weekend plans.
  • If you have an active commute, we strongly recommend a stylish leather crossbody bag with a wide and soft strap. No need to compromise on fashion with the KAAI Bowler range.

All these KAAI work bags come with a zipper. This ensures the safety of your valuable items in any city, on public transport, or even when your bag accidentally falls over next to your desk.



3. How do I travel?

Frequent traveler? At the airport, overview is essential. You need to have your passport, tickets, and your purse at hand. On top, you want to attach your business bag to your travel roller bag.

Many tote bags come with trolley sleeves, which, although functional, compromise the overall design.

The KAAI Helix series travel edition is an alternative to a Sleeve Bag for your Roller Bag.

This over-the-shoulder shopper comes with an elastic strap, discreetly hidden behind a stylish flap, which allows you to slip it onto your wheeled suitcase, making travel a breeze. 


Made in Europe, designed to go places

At KAAI we believe you can be demanding of your work bag. Your bag is your ally and cannot let you down at any time. A great work bag is like your personal assistant, it shows you easily what you need when you need it.

It follows you around: morning till night, through rain and bright sunshine, in airplane’s overhead lockers and crammed at security checkpoints.

It needs to be brave, built to resist and should never look worn-out. And no, we know you don’t have time to polish, brush, treat and spray your bag every Sunday night…



KAAI bags have a patented coating that protects it from scratches, humidity, stains and losing their color. The base of all bags is reinforced with metal feet. And the shape is padded and strengthened to adapt to heavy weights without ripping or sagging.



KAAI’s founders Ine Verhaert and Helga Meersman are two executives who have been travelling the world and recognized the need for a functional yet fashionable work bag for modern professionals. Hence, KAAI was born.

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Pyramid, KAAI’s versatile powerhouse

With its spacious compartments and clever organization features, this tote effortlessly accommodates your 15.6” laptop, phone, notebooks, and other essentials. The Midi size fits a 13.3” device. Two options to suit your specific needs.

Their sleek and modern design always adds a touch of sophistication to your professional ensemble. Discover all colors. 

“It is better made than many big brand name bags.”
– Sharanne Au

Bowler - Stay Active, stay organized

Meet our Bowler work bag, designed specially for active commuters who prioritize both fashion and functionality.

Its modern design and sturdy construction make it the perfect laptop bag for your 14" device.

The included shoulder strap ensures comfortable carrying during your daily journeys. Stay organized with its thoughtfully designed compartments, providing easy access to your essentials.

"Color is accurate to what is shown online, and I love that the bag can hold up very well regardless of weather. The most impressive thing is how much can fit with the variety of pockets. I also love how soft the interior is, it's so reminiscent of suede but without the potential for wear. So handy, I feel it'll be great for when traveling!” – Constance (Midi Bowler)

Helix, Lightweight and Versatile

The Helix and Midi Helix work bags are perfect for those seeking a lightweight yet reliable companion. Their smart design fit a laptop up to 15.6 inches.

In the Travel Edition, a discreet strap allows to attach your Helix to a travel roller bag. The perfect over-the-shoulder shopper for professionals who are always on the move.

Probably the most amazing bag I've ever had: it is both stylish and extremely functional. I can fit laptop, toiletry bag, makeup bag, cards, purse, water bottle, book, iPad, laptop, cable, and lots of smaller items, and still look chic. Loving the unique design as well. Value for money beyond expectations.”
- Eszter B. – Helix

To summarize, when you treat yourself to a new luxury work bag, you want to consider following elements:

  • Does it have a zipper? Totes and Shoppers can be found in refined designs, yet for a city life, an open bag without inner compartments is like signing up for chaos.

  • Is it organized? Compartments are key for a functional executional bag. Look for a reinforced work bag that accommodates your laptop's weight, offers compartments for papers, chargers, cables, water bottles, glasses, and other essentials.

  • Is it durable? You want your luxury leather tote to look as stylish in the shelves as on your shoulder. Therefore, KAAI’s patented coating is a true relief: it repels water and dirt, is scratch-proof and UV resistant. Made from 100% Italian leather and designed for frequent use.

  • Does it fit my style? A briefcase or laptop bag can indeed be highly functional, but successful and stylish can go hand in hand. No need to compromise.

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