#Episode 2 - Rasha Ezzeddine (Kuwait)

#Episode 2 - Rasha Ezzeddine (Kuwait)

The MIC travelled to Kuwait to talk with Rasha Ezzeddine, a Belgian with Lebanese roots who lives between Kuwait and Dubai.

Rasha is Marketing Director in the telecom industry and Chief Marketing Officer at GigCMO.

She has been staying all over the world and considers herself a global citizen who's obsessed with music, books, organizing and handbags.

"Honestly, what really touched me when I moved here is that family comes first. The family values are very strong here. There's more empathy for that compared to Europe."

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She moved to many countries but what shocked her in her first months living in Kuwait... that ordering food at the office is such a casualty. A habit that didn't take her long to implement herself.

"In Europe, I used to cook and store things in the freezer for the whole week. Here I rely more on ordering because there're a lot of healthy options and so many different varieties of cuisine."

Organizing in Kuwait is a whole different story...

"When I worked in Europe we were blocking time for meetings in our calendars... here I have to explain that concept to the people I work with. (laughs)"

Listen and discover the way to a healthy work-life balance in Kuwait. From external household help to the influence of families that support each other like a real community.

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PS: Rasha is currently taking a short sabbatical. After 23+ years she's on a self exploration journey.

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