#Episode 1 - Milan Ball (USA)

#Episode 1 - Milan Ball (USA)

The first podcast episode is finally out! Listen now 🎧

The MIC travelled to Virginia in the US to talk with Milan Ball.

She founded her own platform PHILAN, to help consumers track their own impact ànd works as a content marketing strategist for a company in tech. 

With a background in the fashion industry, she's still getting used to the concept of being a woman in tech. 

She builds her day around her work schedule. By working with international partners, she doesn't live by fixed daily schedules and routines. 

"There are days where I have meetings with clients around midnight, other days I need to be up early, and sometimes it's too early to get into a coffee shop."


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So when it's about routines and organisation for work, that varies from one day to another. 

But there is one thing she tends to do daily...

 "I like to do some sort of workout routine to just take me from one type of work to another. If I'm working on one project in the morning and I know I'm working on something else in the afternoon, to make the switch, I'll just throw in some aerobics or yoga."



Milan's tip to keep the grip on life: 

"Make time for things like lunch and breakfast, even if that means you'd be a few minutes late for work."

Listen now to discover how she balances a work schedule with zero routines with family, friends and free time. Happy listening!


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