#Episode 3 -Annie Bourdeau (Canada)

#Episode 3 -Annie Bourdeau (Canada)

The MIC travelled to Toronto, Canada to talk with Annie Bourdeau. Annie is the CEO of Amplius Business Design, a consulting firm aiming to innovate the world of healthcare, pharma and biotech.  

For 10 years she worked as an academic scientist, but then she decided to jump off the cliff and start her own company.

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Not a day is the same in her daily life but her morning routine is very precious for her professional and private life.

Never skip breakfast and take that moment to reflect, observe and listen to yourself and your family members.

" I revise my to-do list and bring out new priorities in life just by observing and listening to what's happening in the morning."

Listen to the podcast to get to know insights on the non-parental care system across Canada and learn more about the differences between French- and English-speaking Canada.

Her best advice to remain organized: 
“Work around your kids' schedule if it's feasible and possible and delegate tasks to your family, your support system."

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