Why the Heroïne becomes the Ikon.

Why the Heroïne becomes the Ikon.

 First there was the Hero.

When we were creating our first collection in 2017 we have visited factories all over the world and shared our drawings to different producers to develop a sample. What came out was so different than we had in mind...even with the same drawing every factory made a different bag.

A fusion of a luxury leather bag and a business bag... as well as a combination of a shoulder bag, cross body and backpack... "it was never seen in the whole world of bags", that's what the factories told us. 

So in the end finally after 9 months of research and development the first real beautiful  sample was born ...that moment we felt like being heroes...and named this bag "Hero".

Then there was the Heroïne.

As the Hero became a famous name within our community it was logical for us to launch the new smaller shoulder bag as the Heroïne

Kaai ikon functional handbag

Are we women, not all "Heroïnes" from time to time? 

The Heroïne becomes the Ikon.

We launched the Heroïne in Autumn 2019 and it was a big succes.  Meanwhile our bags were sold also in other countries where we faced a problem ..our first German Retail partner told us we might get in trouble with the "Heroïne" name as there is a brand in Germany called "Maison Heroïne". 

"To be sure better choose a new name for your bag".. that's what they recommended.. and so the research started for a new name🧐

After making long lists, research, and brainstormings we finally ended with the new name "IKON". 

Meanwhile we developed also a belt bag version: "The Ikon belt bag" which is already very popular with our Kaai-women!  

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