Why a Kaai bag is the perfect gift for a woman.

Why a Kaai bag is the perfect gift for a woman.


Did you know that in average women are spending more then 80 days in their lives searching for their belongings in their handbag? 

Women are carrying many stuff in their bags, and often also have to carry  your items such as car keys, wallets, sunglasses etc..how frustrating it is to look for those keys which are often at the bottom of the bag and are not  visible at all as the handbag looks like one big black hole. 

Is your woman working hard, running around with 2 to 3 bags: handbag, laptop bag, small clutch and loosing time in changing items from one bag to another, or not looking stylish at all because of the boring laptop bag she has to carry?


A Kaai bag will make her and you happy!

Kaai blends luxury leathers with organized interiors. Depending on the technical tool your woman is carrying: iPad, laptop 13 inch or 15 inch, you can choose from the mini hero, Hero or the Pyramid and Hoxton.   


The bags are handmade with fine Italian leather which is water-resistant and scratch proof. 

Where can I find a Kaai bag?

You can visit the studio-store of Kaai in Antwerp where the 2 founders of the brand, Helga and Ine will help you to find the right bag for your beloved partner, or you can find the nearest reseller on our website 

The whole collection is also available online, we offer free shipping on all bags, delivery takes 3-5 days .  A Special gift wrapping is offered for free during the Xmas period to make your gift a real surprise.

Does she wants another color or style? No problem, you can exchange the bag within 30 days in our studio store, or send it back to our warehouse and be refunded within 1 week.

Still not sure which is right for her?

Give the gift of choice with a Kaai gift card. Can be ordered online (you will receive a voucher by mail) or bought in the studio-store in Antwerp.

Hope to see you soon in our studio-store or webshop,

Ine and Helga



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