"A KAAI bag made from a vegan alternative to leather has always been on our minds. Throughout the years, the look and feel of plant-based materials have improved a lot.

After researching for a year, we’ve found a cactus-based leather matching the values and quality KAAI is known for”

Co-founders Helga Meersmans and Ine Verhaert

A new level of responsible luxury

Innovation is at the root of the KAAI brand, with new ideas flowing through our veins all the time.

About a year ago the search for an alternative to leather started. The durability & resistance of the material was the most important feature, to match the on-the-go lifestyle of the contemporary KAAI woman.

After researching and testing a whole lot of plant-based leathers we came across a material that can barely be distinguished from the leather version of the KAAI bag.

A bag made from Cactus leather

The demand for a vegan leather bag came from the existing community of #KAAIwomen.

The first vegan drop consists of the bestselling styles Midi Pyramid and Pyramid in Cognac and Black.

The plant-based bag have the same look and feel as the leather versions of the Pyramids with the organized interior with inner pockets & outer material that can withstand the wear and tear of an everyday bag. On top of that, the material's also very resistant to water and scratches. 


The production process

The cactus material undergoes a special production process rooted in Mexico.

Step 1: mature leaves are selected and carefully cut (ensuring that the cactus itself remains undamaged).

This sustainable practice allows for a new harvest every 6-8 months, promoting the longevity of the cactus plants.

Step 2: after the harvest, the mature leaves are naturally dried for three days.

This step eliminates the need for additional energy consumption, aligning with eco-friendly principles.

Step 3: once dried, the leaves are transformed into a fine powder,

Step 4: the fine material is later turned into cactus leather in Italy, where the know how for leather-making lies.

Same KAAI look and feel

The Pyramid bag is the best companion for the woman on the go. It comes with 2 outer pockets and multiple inner pockets to hold your(work) essentials like a laptop, phone, glasses, charger cables, pens and paper, makeup, water bottle, and more.

The Midi Pyramid can hold a laptop up to 13.5" while a Pyramid can house one up to 15.6"

While being very scratch- and water resistant, the cactus alternative to leather is also soft to the touch providing the luxurious experience of a KAAI bag.

Desserto Cactus leather

For the vegan version of our bestselling Pyramid bag we're collaborating with Desserto. With their highly innovative cactus-based leather they're the pioneers in non leather materials.

For years they took their time to perfect the cactus material used for the vegan Pyramid bag to turn it into the durable and high quality material that it is now.

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