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On-the-go in New York

14 Jun, 2019

New York the city that never sleeps. With those who have been there, New York leaves an unforgettable impression. #Kaaiwomen Astrid left for the "Big Apple" with her Mini-Hero backpack.
Everyone who has never been to New York dreams of the skyline, the rooftop bars and endless shopping possibilities. Astrid, a young and ambitious UX (User Experience) consultant at IBM, represented KAAI in a city full of life, culture and ambience.
New York is not just a city but rather an own little world on city-format dominated by yellow taxis, gigantic skyscrapers and ambitious dreamers. Astrid took her KAAI handbag between meetings along must-sees such as Times Square and Central Park. With summer approaching, Central Park is the perfect spot to catch some sunshine and relax.
Hopping on and off the subway has never been so comfortable thanks to the Mini-Hero. For those who love art & culture and occasionally like to be pampered by culinary delights, New York is a perfect match. Astrid spoiled herself in the 12 Chairs Café in Brooklyn. Who doesn’t like a delicious toast avocado? There's definitely no shortage of nice, cosy and delicious places in NY.
New York is also one of the top destinations in terms of fashion and trends. Ranging from innovative retail experiences to the bi-annual NY Fashion Week. You can shop there as the best. The architectural gem, the Oculus, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava brings art, fashion and connectivity together. It’s worth it to put the modern, wing-like design in Lower Manhattan on your list during your trip to New York. Finally, for anyone looking for the latest trends in fashion, trendy Dover Street Market is the place to be.
New York is a city where many great dreams and ideas arise, grow and blossom into success stories. A city that inspires!

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