Inspired by the 'Mini Bag' trend with the Mini Pyramid

Inspired by the 'Mini Bag' trend with the Mini Pyramid

The mini-bag is by far stealing the show this year and is therefore a real must-have for every woman. From small to smaller, to smallest, very 'fashionable' but not really practical. This is where Kaai makes the difference with the Mini Pyramid, a small but enormously functional bag that has been specially designed to carry nothing more than the essentials. 

The Mini-Pyramid in the spotlight

Kaai responds to the latest trend with the Mini Pyramidbut retains its individuality. Most mini bags are so small that even your smartphone won't fit in them anymore. This is not the case with the Mini Pyramid, which is all about functionality. The bag is very organized and can be worn in different ways. 

Something for everyone

The Mini Pyramid is available in 3 colors, namely cognac, terracotta and black. These versatile and timeless colors radiate warmth and self-confidence and are also very easy to combine

Kaai opts for timeless colors because they respond to the principle of 'less is more'. In this way, the bags always retain their value and the colors remain fashionable every season. 

Fashionable functional

The Mini Pyramid is designed to make sure that every woman can still carry all her essentials in an organized way. Admit it. Now you secretly want one too, don't you?

Thanks to the different compartments, you can put a lot in the bag and find everything in no time. There's also a strap for the keys, a separate compartment for your smartphone and a detachable strap

Would you like a Mini Pyramid to spice up your outfits? From now on, you can place a pre-order on the website, so you can be sure that you can shine next winter with your new bag!

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