A customized experience by Eva Lynen

A customized experience by Eva Lynen

We invite young artist Eva Lynen to our store in Antwerp, after a successful edition in Brussels. Explore her artwork to get inspired and see her in action while she personalizes your cardholder. Shop your KAAI bag, on the 9th of April in Antwerp and receive your customized cardholder as a gift, with every bag purchase, (except the belt bag, midi bowler and ikon clutch).


A unique customized cardholder

Bring out your creative side, and personalize your free cardholder together with Eva. Create a cardholder that reflects your own personality, everything is possible. Mix and match elements to create a unique piece of art. A color bomb every time you open your bag!


About Eva Lynen

Eva Lynen is a 24-year-old, illustrator and visual artist from Belgium.

"I find peace in my drawing process and I love to let my creativity flow while listening to a good series in the background. Whenever I go out It's almost impossible to spot me without paint on my clothes. "  

Eva captures stories through joyful drawings in lively colours. Her artwork spread instant happiness. You may have spotted one of her previous projects at Maasmechelem village, downtown dansaert and on the National Store, a platform that brings artists together.


Where does she get inspired?

“I get inspired by the things that surround me in my daily life, if I come somewhere and I see a pattern that I like, I’ll take my sketchbook out and capture it on paper or with my camera. I love to put the different elements that I came across together, in my creative logical world”.


The details about the event

WHEN? 9th of April

WHERE? The KAAI store in Antwerp, Nationalestraat 91 

Receive a free, customized cardholder with every bag you purchase (except the belt bag, midi bowler and ikon clutch). in Antwerp. Or purchase your cardholder and get it personalized. Eva is looking forward to meeting you and creating a memorable experience together. Try to come as early as possible as we expect many people to drop by.



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