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Why you should gift a Kaai

What do you get for someone who's equally obsessed with style as she is with practicality? A beautiful handbag gift like a roomy tote, secure crossbody, shoulder bag or backpack is the answer.

Quality handbags usually don't come cheap, but it pays to invest. If they're going to be carrying it at least a few times a week to work, the bag should both look great and carry all their important belongings with ease.

Let’s be honest. A lot of briefcases and laptop bags can be a little .. well .. boring. Sure, they’ll carry your work supplies. But they don’t elicit any strong emotions from their users. However, Kaai‘s Hero (handbag, cross body and backpack in one) and Pyramid (shoulder bag) are different work bags. A bag that isn’t boring but instead adds a stylish touch to her day. 

Kaai bags workbag hero

The best luxury Christmas gift for women on the go

Made out of premium Italian leather, excellent craftsmanship and a practical design with many compartments to organize all her belongings.  What’s not to like? Why still hesitating to give this bag as a Holiday gift to your beloved ones.

Kaai bag practical work bag


Looking for a bag that will make her life easier?  

Choosing for a Kaai bag shows you have style. Sure , you could gift a handbag that is the trendiest freshest new thing. This month. But next season it looks already outdated and often these "It-bags" are unpractical.  So what do you prefer? The trendy item or a timeless piece where she does not have to worry if she is still in or out and makes her life easier.

Kaai bags briefcase work bag

 The mini Hero (handbag, cross shoulder and backpack) and the Heroine (handbag and cross shoulder) are winning fans every day all over the world, why should your woman not be fan?

7 reasons why you should give a Kaai bag.

  • It shows you are in for the long run. You don‘t give something long-lasting to a person if you think your relationship has an expiration date.
  • It shows you care about her career aspirations. A stylish leather workbag conveys a message to the world. It‘s a way to show your ambition without speaking a word.
  • Consequently, it shows you believe in her potential. Some people need those around them to be a step below them to not feel threatened. Others wish to elevate those they care about. Don’t be one of the former.
  • It shows that you think she has good taste
  • It shows that you have good taste
  • It shows you know her 
  • It shows you support Belgian brands

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Want to offer a Kaai bag to your colleagues?

They have been working hard all year? They deserve the gift of KAAI.

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