The ideal business travel bag: The Bowler is chic and functional and upgrades your travel experience

As a frequent traveler, finding the ideal bag that combines functionality, style, and durability can be quite a challenge. However, my pursuit of the perfect travel companion led me to discover the Bowler bag from KAAI, a Belgian brand founded by women.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect business and travel bag for quite some time. Typically, I would find bags that are either great for traveling or suitable for business meetings, but finding a beautiful travel bag that I can confidently take to my professional engagements has always been a struggle.

In other words, I needed a bag that is spacious and practical for my journeys, while still exuding chic elegance to set the tone for successful business interactions, no matter where I go.

That's precisely what I found in the Bowler bag from KAAI, a brand known for creating beautiful and functional work bags.

Throughout my search for the ideal travel bag, I paid close attention to the following factors:

  • The bag must accommodate my 14-inch laptop.

  • It should have easily accessible pockets for my work essentials and travel documents, which is particularly important for someone like me who tends to be a bit chaotic.

  • The bag must meet carry-on size restrictions and be spacious enough to fit all my travel essentials.

My quest led me to the KAAI website after searching for a "luxury travel bag that fits a 14-inch laptop."

The Bowler bag immediately caught my attention due to its roomy design and the option to wear it crossbody with the shoulder strap, which is especially useful when the bag is full and heavy.

I delved deeper into my research to see if this bag could be the one, I had been searching for.

A travel bag meant for frequent use should be able to endure the rigors of constant travel.

As I read about KAAI's story and the materials they use, I learned that their Bowler bags are crafted from a specially treated leather that enhances durability and protects against scratches, water, and UV radiation. This makes it a reliable companion for even the most demanding journeys.

The Forest Green version of the KAAI Bowler immediately caught my eye because it deviates from the traditional black and brown colors typically seen in travel bags. However, they offer a range of other colors as well.

As someone who thrives on staying organized amidst the chaos, this bag is a game-changer. Its intelligently designed storage compartments provide the perfect solution for keeping my essentials in order.

From a dedicated laptop sleeve to easily accessible pockets for documents and work necessities, everything has its designated place.

The vibrant blue microsuede interior not only catches the eye and feels luxuriously soft, but also makes you find everything easily because of the bright contrast color. Well, it can minimize your stress levels when catching a train or flight.

Colleagues often admire the chic aesthetics of the bag, and it's not uncommon for me to receive compliments on my Bowler bag.

The bag's minimalist design effortlessly combines style with professionalism, making it a win-win for those moments when you don't want to overthink your fashion choices.

Most importantly, I was specifically seeking a bag with a shoulder strap. Having your hands free is essential when you're in a hurry.

Whether I need to navigate through a bustling airport or quickly access my phone for boarding passes, wearing the bag securely across my body is convenient and makes me feel safe too. 

Sometimes I even carry the bag on top of my suitcase. Unfortunately, the bag doesn't have a sleeve or strap to secure it onto your rolling luggage, but it still works.

The bag's base is incredibly sturdy and features metal feet to protect it from scuffing the floor or getting dirty. Because it's so robust, you can simply place it on top of your suitcase and let one of the top handles slip over the handlebar. I have to say, it gets the job done.

The Bowler bag has undoubtedly revolutionized my business travel experience. Its exceptional durability, efficient organization, and stylish design have far surpassed my expectations.

Discover the Bowler Bag