3 Reasons why women over the world are falling in love with these luxury work bags

Say goodbye to too-small-to-be-practical handbags, too-casual-for-work duffel bags, and too-bulky-to-take-to-lunch briefcases.

And say hello to these gorgeously stylish, wonderfully practical luxury work bags from Europe’s best-kept secret: KAAI.

From work to lunch to an evening out, KAAI’s luxury work bags are designed to let you take your world with you no matter where you go or when. And to always look fashionable while doing it.

No matter the time of day, the weather – or the season.

From London to Paris, to Milan, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney, here’s why women all over the world are falling in love with KAAI’s stunning range of luxury bags.

Step into the season with a handbag that fuels your ambition and embraces elegance.

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1.  They’re breathtakingly stylish

With stunningly elegant, Art Deco-inspired lines and shapes, and coming in an exquisite range of colors. KAAI bags immediately stand out in the crowd – quietly attracting attention through their classical style and grace.

KAAI bags have been painstakingly designed to look and feel every bit like a luxury handbag.

Because there’s no reason why you should have to drag around a masculine-looking, heavy briefcase. Or a work bag on wheels that looks like airplane luggage. Or a shapeless duffel bag that has “busy mom” written all over it.

Today’s professional women – like you – deserve so much more than that.



2. They’re the perfect balance of form and function

When you’re “on the go” you know you can’t fit everything you need into a luxury handbag. They’re either too small or too fragile to hold your laptop, charger cables, or your water bottle.

But KAAI luxury work bags have been purposefully constructed to be sturdy enough to carry everything you need comfortably. And look good while doing it.




Hand-made from high-quality Italian leather that’s scratch, water, and color resistant, KAAI’s bags include specialized compartments made of a gorgeous blue microsuede – to prevent precious items such as your phone and keys from bumping up against each other and getting scratched.



They also come with sturdy zipper closures to keep your valuables safe and reinforced handles to support the weight of heavier items – like your laptop – without the straps digging into your shoulder.

It’s no small wonder then that these practical work bags are rising in popularity across the world. 


“We believe that women shouldn’t have to choose between style and function. And we designed these work bags to be the best of both.” - Ine Verhaert and Helga Meersmans, KAAI’s cofounders


3. Designed for professional women.
By professional women.

Most luxury work bags lean too much into “luxury” or too much “work.” And that’s the exact problem Ine Verhaert and Helga Meersmans, KAAI’s cofounders, struggled with.

 As cosmopolitan women traveling from home to work and back again, they searched everywhere but couldn’t find bags that were “just right” for their busy lifestyles.

Bags that could easily carry everything they needed for a full day out – but that didn’t look like airline luggage or a lumpy duffel bag.


And Ine and Helga knew that they weren’t alone. They interviewed over 200 women all over the world, asking them what they wanted the most in a work bag.

And the results were clear: everyone desired something that was practical, yet stylish. Sturdy, yet elegant.

It took Ine and Helga two full years of experimenting with patterns and designs, but after thousands of hours of hard work, they finally came up with their winning formula: bags that weren’t just designed to look good. But that were intuitively designed for everything today’s women need.

And that winning formula is what goes into every single KAAI bag today.

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