Find a luxury work-life bag in one of the most beautiful galleries in Europe

Imagine that you never had to compromise on style again when it comes to work bags. Imagine a luxury bag that looks good and is structured. No more basic bulky bags or unorganized totes. Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

This was the exact issue the founders, Ine and Helga, were facing each day they had to go to work.

After surveying hundreds of women around the world, it turned out that others were facing the same issues. Seeing all the results of this research led Ine and Helga to the idea to create the “perfect workbag”.

This is where the creation of the most practical and luxurious work-life bag came to life.

Go to work in style with our perfectly organized work bags

We all know the struggle of not finding our keys the moment you come home from a long day of work. Or the moment you hear the phone ring and it somehow ended on the bottom of your bag but you just can’t reach it.

And let’s not forget, the moment you find the perfect outfit and you ruin it by wearing a big bulky laptop bag.

With a KAAI bag, you can trust that these situations are gone for good.
With their structured compartments, and a built-in laptop sleeve, a KAAI bag is the perfect solution for organizing your office essentials. 

Get into the holiday spirit with KAAI’s new holiday collection

Finding the perfect bag for the holidays isn’t always easy. On the one hand, you want a bag that you can take with you to holiday parties. On the other, you need a bag that is timeless and can be worn throughout the year.

At KAAI we got you covered for the holidays.

Our new holiday collection has the perfect amount of “allspice, everything nice” that will make your outfit stand out this holiday season.

And the best part is, they can also serve as a timeless piece throughout all seasons. 

Looking for a timeless holiday gift?

Holiday shopping at our store in Brussels

Our holiday collection is available at our KAAI store in Brussels which finds its home in one of the grandest galleries in Brussels.

During the holiday season, the galleries are decorated with the warmest and most cozy Christmas lights.

The magical setting and nicely decorated shopping windows will surely get you into the holiday spirit. 

Meet Lorelie

Meet Lorelie, our store manager in Brussels. Lorelie calls herself a ‘vendeuse’ (saleswoman) at heart. She loves it when she can assist people with buying their new favorite bag.

“When you see how happy people are with their purchase, that is the most beautiful thing about the job.”

At our store, we find joy in giving you a personalized shopping experience.

 To Lorelie, KAAI means getting exactly what the brand promises, a qualitative luxury work bag made by women for women. She also loves the multi-purpose of the bags.

“Our bags are so multi-deployable; you can take them to the opera but also wear them on jeans” 

In her free time, Lorelie likes to go on walks with her dogs, cycle on her cargo bike, and enjoy good food at lovely restaurants.

Her favorite restaurant at the galleries is “Restaurant de L’Ogenblik”. Combine a visit to our KAAI store with a lovely meal in the magical galleries during the holidays. 

Hope to see you soon and help you pick out the perfect bag!

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Our boutique in Brussels is wrapped in the holiday atmosphere. Our sales team will help you find the perfect gift. 

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