How to celebrate Thanksgiving in style? A KAAI bag has you covered in the rush between the office, the caterer and your festive dining table.

Of course, we all want to look good and feel good on Thanksgiving. Are you invited to shove your feet under the table? Or are you the one with ‘Chef’ duties in the kitchen that day?

Nonetheless, you deserve to rush to the caterer, the grocery shop or your best friends place in style. How better to do that than with a bag from KAAI?


Not just your basic handbag brand from Europe.

Did KAAI bags already ring a bell to you? Well maybe it does since the KAAI women community in America has been growing at the fastest pace in 2022.

We’re so overwhelmed with joy when we see that not only in Europe women are so done with an unpractical messy handbag.

Also women in the US value a handbag of which the design combines functionality, organization, elegance and timelessness.

 "This bag is perfectly sized. I absolutely love the attention to detail in the finishing of all the individual pockets. For once I have a tote that is so organized I can find what I need very quickly. Love that there is no large brand bling, again very understated and elegant" - Tara S. 


In the past months, how often did you get frustrated by not finding that one thing you’re looking for in that purse?

Yeah, a KAAI bag is a feel-good bag 😊

First, you no longer have to think about how to style and secondly, you can find a compartment for each of your (Thanksgiving) essentials to remain organized throughout that day. 

Isn’t that the Thanksgiving dream of every woman, next to good food and even better company?

Ps: you'll receive a gift with your handbag purchase before November 17. Continue reading to discover how to get your gift.  


“With our US-based community expanding every day we’re so excited to learn about the habits and needs of US women. We’re not just a bag brand, our bags seem to also help women overseas in pursuing their life and career aspirations in style.

That is what founding KAAI was all about for us!” – Ine Verhaert, co-founder of KAAI


Ine & Helga, co-founders of KAAI in their Studio Store 

Your way of celebrating Thanksgiving.

What Thanksgiving means to you, your friends and your family we leave it to you to share with the whole KAAI women community.

For some of you, it may be the perfect occasion to jump behind the kitchen cooker, for others it is one of the few days when the entire family manages to get together. As long as it puts a smile on your face... 

Anyways we tend to rush through life at a high pace, days like Thanksgiving free up time to do other things and show admiration and appreciation to the ones close to you. Whether that’s with your signature dish, a special gift or a warm embrace. 

Oh, we’d almost forget, we have a little gift for you…

Not only are Ine & Helga, co-founders of KAAI sharing their favorite Thanksgiving recipes, but they’d also like to thank you with a gift from the collection. 


In celebration of Thanksgiving, you’ll receive a free coin purse worth 115$ with your bag purchase between the 27th of October and the 17th of November.

Enjoy an extended return window to 60 days after purchase for all orders placed before the 17th of November.

Discover the entire collection here.

Your delivery to the US will take between 5 to 7 working days.

How to add your free Thanksgiving gift? 

🎁 Go to
🎁 Add your favourite KAAI bag to your shopping cart. 
🎁 Manually add the coin purse in the colour of your choice to your cart. 
🎁 The amount will be automatically deducted from your order. 

Questions or doubts? Watch the video below on how to add your gift. 


‘Happy Thanksgiving! And don’t forget to check out our recipes… it's not the classic pumpkin pie we’re talking about, but a Thanksgiving meal with a Belgian twist’ – Helga Meersmans

Discover the co-founder's favorite Thanksgiving recipe... Nope, it's not the traditional pumpkin pie. 

 Ine's speciality: Turkey roast with sage and pancetta with a crumble of nuts and fruits

Why? I always enjoy the taste of local, exotic food, but when it's time for a traditional family dinner during fall, this is my fave. With my own twist of course. And a big plus is that you can prep everything in advance. So you can spend time with your family.

Click here to read Ine's full recipe 

Helga's favorite: Lamb's crown with green beans and tomatoes.

Why? I love food to be pure and natural. This combination takes your thoughts to the English countryside.  

Click here to read Helga's full recipe 

We’d love to hear from you! Share your Thanksgiving recipes, outfits, tips and tricks with the KAAI community around the globe by tagging @KAAIbags on Instagram or Facebook. Or share it with us via mail to


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"Such a beautiful, sophisticated bag to carry every day. I love the functionality of the inside and having a space for everything in my purse. It’s perfect to fit my laptop and has lots of space for everything I need to carry! Love this bag and can’t wait to purchase a smaller bag for the weekends!" - Sara B. 


Get in touch with Milan Ball, KAAI woman from Virginia, US.

Our KAAI mic is travelling around the world, to discover the different ways in which KAAI women organize their busy lives.

The Mic made a stop in Virginia to talk to Milan Ball. She founded her own platform to help consumers track their own impact ànd works as a content marketing strategist in tech. 

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