Women Equality Day

Women Equality Day

Every year, we come together to celebrate women on August 26th. The day on which women in the USA received the right to vote, 101 years ago.

As a female brand, this surely is a symbolic date for us, but it is our mission to honor women EVERY day. Mainly because we’ll be needing the full 365 days in a year if we want to achieve true gender equality. In mind, in profession, in relationships. We strive for equal salaries, equal opportunities and equal respect. Doesn’t sound too much to ask, does it? Apparently it does, since there’s still a huge gap between the rights of women en men, even in a thriving and modern society such as ours.

At KAAI, we want to show you that things in fact càn be different! We, as the co-founders of KAAI, had the luxury of both operating as CEO’s in big fashion companies before we started our own adventure. Along the way we got to meet so many talented women, and until today those encounters never stopped.

With our new platform, by and for women, it is our mission to make the achievements of these women more visible and help change their narrative to strong, independent and achieving women. With this shift in mindset, we hope to contribute to a society in which women are seen as equally smart, spirited, ambitious and competent as any man can be.

We want to evolve in a society where women can support each other instead of being competitors. We as women have to constantly fight inequality to men, so why not uplift each other? Let's raise our glass today. To smart, ambitious, energetic and entrepreneurial women. And especially to our wonderful KAAI community.

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