Long-lasting work bags: what my bag looks like after 700 days

Long-lasting work bags: what my bag looks like after 700 days

In crafting enduring KAAI items, head designer Helga prioritizes timeless quality, ensuring our bags are not only fashion statements but also tailored to seamlessly complement your busy lifestyle, offering durability that eliminates concerns about damage during the transition from home to the boardroom.

From Belgium to the USA, KAAIwomen have been using their bags season after season. With over 700 days of wearing their bags daily, Milan, Helen & Nadia show how a KAAI bags ages over time and what their experience carrying them around is like.

Milan from the USA with the black Bowler

"I've used my Bowler almost every day for the last 3 years. The bag is still in perfect condition! You can tell I’ve been holding the handles a lot, but that's about it. I also have my 2 crossbody bags that I use a lot, and they still look like new."

- Milan Ball


Milan is an entrepreneur who've founded her own platform, PHILAN, helping customers track their own impact. Apart from that, she's also a content marketing strategist for a tech company in Virginia. Because she's commuting to work, and running from meeting to meeting, she needs a reliable companion to carry all her work essentials. For her the Bowler bag is the perfect fit to her busy work schedule. 

Helen from Belgium with the terracotta Midi Pyramid

"Since receiving my KAAI Pyramid handbag as a birthday gift in 2021, it has become my trusty sidekick for daily adventures to work. Whether it's nestled in my bike's basket during commutes or by my side at work or in court, this bag has proven itself as a durable and very stylish companion.

Despite the daily wear and tear of biking, my Pyramid handbag still looks brand new. The bag's clever interior design provides lots of space without compromising on style, accommodating all my work essentials, and keeping me organized throughout the day. ;-)"

- Helen Verhelst

Helen is a full-time attorney with a passion for food. What started with an occasional food photo during her college days eventually grew into a successful blog and instagram account @helenkookt. Last year she even released her own cookbook full of easy and simple recipes. 

Nadia from Belgium with the black Bowler

"I have been using my Bowler bag for over a year now, carrying it to the office and clients daily. Surprisingly, there is absolutely no visible wear and tear. Not a single scratch.
This is quite remarkable, considering I can be a bit clumsy at times and don't always handle my bags with the utmost care."
- Nadia El M 

Nadia is an entrepreneur and co-founder of 50 koffies. Together with her co-founder, she's launched a podcast to inspire, educate and empower businesswomen in Belgium. Since she commutes across Belgium to organize and host podcasts, Nadia was in need of a work bag to carry all her essentials needed for a quick podcast set-up wherever she goes.

The secrets of a KAAI bag

Special coating

It all starts with the leather that's been treated with a special coating that's is scratch proof and water-resistant. That specific coating makes the bag more low-maintenance than others since you don't have to treat it often; wiping it with a soft wet cloth does the trick!

Reinforced structure

So why is it that a KAAI bag holds its shape for such a long time? The handles and base of the high-quality leather bag are reinforced, since that's where wear and tear shows up the fastest. A work bag can get heavy, so those reinforcements are essential to carry your valuables.

Metal Feet

The metal feet at the bottom prevent the edges of the bag from rubbing off quickly.

Head designer Helga always designs with the longevity of the bag in mind. Therefore together with co-founder Ine, they invest a lot of time in finding the right materials for every design. Every bag  that's worn daily lives and ages but that's what gives the bag its character and makes it tell its stories by being your daily work companion.

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