KAAI x Redo Papers: Write your success story in a one-of-a-kind notebook. Elevate your work essentials in style.

As working women we spend a significant amount of time navigating from and to the workfloor, not to mention the time we spend behind our desk.

We need solutions that are both practical and stylish to keep up with our fast-paced lifestyle.

That's where KAAI comes in with a bag that is anything but ordinary. By combining fashion and practicality these bags make your everyday life more effortless and chic.

But they are just the beginning! We deserve fashionable and functional office essentials to brighten up the office atmosphere.

That's why we've partnered with Redo Papers to create a unique one-of-a-kind notebook made entirely out of upcycled waste materials saved from the landfill.

"We love to support and work with other female founded brands. Tille and Linde, the two women behind Redo Papers share a passion for paper and sustainable entrepreneurship. We're super happy to offer our KAAIwomen a notebook from this power duo. Let's take on the workday with confidence!" - Ine Verhaert, co-founder KAAI

Receive a limited edition KAAI x Redo Papers notebook with your bag purchase from 300 €/£ from February 29 till March 11. Valid online and in-store and as long as stock lasts.

Linde & Tille from Redo Papers in their Atelier in Antwerp, Belgium.

"As two women in business, we know how important it is to keep our thoughts organized. Especially since everything became so digital... there's something undeniably satisfying about putting pen to paper" - Ine & Helga, co-founders KAAI

A notebook that has a story to tell

From a music or art festival banner to the cover of a notebook. Each notebook has a story to tell.

From taking notes to making a statement. These notebooks are handmade in Belgium in an inclusive environment, where Linde & Tille co-create with women in vulnerable positions in their studio.

Each of them is a one-of-a-kind and made out of upcycled waste materials. Every notebook cover is a small part of a larger whole that gets picked and cut-out by hand, making them a unique piece inside your KAAI bag.

A colourful design inside your bag

This limited edition notebook is available in a range of stunning colors resembling to our signature Spring Summer '24 color palette.

Each notebook is a work of art that brings the colors of the collection to life in a unique but useful way.

Elevate your work essentials with a notebook that carries a story. Ps: you can refill your notebook over time.

How to get yours?

You get yours as a gift with your KAAI bag purchase over 300 €/£ online and in-store from February 29 till March 11.

Are you ordering online?

The notebook will be manually added to your shopping basket and it's value will be automatically deducted.

Every notebook is unique, therefore the design of your notebook will remain a surprise untill you start to unwrap your parcel.

Get yours in-store:

Or simply get your limited edition KAAI x Redo Papers notebook or refill in our store in Antwerp and Brussels.