KAAI x DPT: Nora Dari & Wiam

KAAI x DPT: Nora Dari & Wiam

Female-led Belgian brands Kaai and Diamanti Per Tutti celebrate women supporting women with a unique collaboration. The result is a timeless necklace showcasing two female faces behind each other.

In our latest 'WOMEN SUPPORT WOMEN' series, KAAI x DPT invited inspiring women to share their personal stories and the challenging road they have walked together. Representing true female empowerment and celebrating sisterhood, they unite wearing our KAAI x DPT necklace. Besides the story of co-founders Ine and Helga, we also sat down with lovable actress Nora Dari and her darling cousin Wiam. Tak out your tissues as you read all about their unbreakable bond.

Nora Dari (20, actress) & Wiam Bazmad (14, student) – nieces. It’s all about family. About sharing the highs and the lows. About dreaming big and staying grounded.

The story of Nora & Wiam

What was the biggest challenge in your lives that defined your support to each other?

N: It’s been almost a year now, since I lost my uncle – her father - to suicide. He is my mom’s brother and the only relative we had living here in Belgium. When the police came in to tell us what had happened, she was the first thing I could think of. I went to see her immediately and seeing her sitting there with those empty eyes just broke my heart. How she dealt with it all, how she somehow found the strength to cope within herself almost seems out of this world to me. That’s why she's such a source of inspiration to me, I can’t imagine myself handling that situation like she did.

W: When something bad happens now, I don't take it so hard anymore. You know, the worst thing that could have happened to me has already happened and I survived.

N: Wiam has always been very strong. In everything; if something bad happened and I watched her deal with it, I would think to myself "girl, how do you do it?!" She's incredibly good at putting things into perspective and has been ever since she was a little girl.

W: Nora has always been there for me, even before. My parents had a nasty divorce and she never left me hanging. I could really feel that she cares deeply for me, thanks to her sweet texts and her regularly checking up on me. She really is like a sister to me. She inspires me too, I mean look at what she has already accomplished in her life at such a young age.

N: She has always been the little sister I so deeply wanted. I am actually most grateful for her not pushing me away during that time. I can imagine if someone wants to be there for you so badly, it might come off too strong and you would care for a breather. And in that moment she chose to let me in and accepted my help instead.

W: Because I really needed it. *laughing. Nora has come a long way; she was raised in a small town in Genk and look at her now. It all happened so fast. One moment, she’s standing in the living room acting her ass off and the next she’s on tv playing the leading role in wtFOCK and Panna. The attention hasn’t changed her a bit though. No matter how busy her schedule, she always finds time for a visit.

N: I am just thankful to have you guys around - real people, who will be honest with me. Being with you gives me energy, so those visits are not entirely just for you. *laughing. They really mean the world to me. I hope to inspire you to do whatever you want later in life. Know that I will be the first to help you make those dreams come true.

It's safe to say that you inspire a lot of other young girls too. How do you experience 'working on your dream'?

N: As a young girl, everything seems to be happening so far away and behind closed doors. Especially in the acting world: where are those big castings? How do you get presented with opportunities? How can I grow? For me, it was mainly about knowing the 'right' people and having them push me to do well. I really believed in myself. I feel like that aspect made me stand out from others. I knew what I wanted and I never doubted it; even when my parents or others did. In my eyes they just didn't understand. On a side note; that doesn’t mean I never have any doubts or insecurities in other areas of my life, acting just wasn't one of them. You must keep your goal in mind at all times and everything you do has to be based on achieving that objective. I truly believe that if you believe in yourself completely, anything is possible. Really, anything is possible. If you wake up and go to bed focused on your intentions you can count on it to happen.

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