KAAI X ByJacky

KAAI X ByJacky

At KAAI we are inspired by the lives of successful women. On our platform, we strive to create meaningful connections between women with ambition. A few weeks ago, our digital Communications & Community Manager Maxime sat down with Jacky. You can read all about their conversation in ByJacky's blog

In creating a community where female empowerment thrives, we often come across women with inspiring stories. One of those women is Jacky. The story of ByJacky starts two and a half years ago when Jacky decided to launch her own company. With over 12 years of experience in the jewelry industry, she strives to create signature pieces that are authentic and personal for her clients. These core values also reflect in their philosophy which is all about “Their story, Your story, Our story”.

“Your story is the starting point for everything we do. Because every piece of jewelry tells its own story, just like yours.”

Made for women by women, is the foundation where both brands find each other. Every piece of jewelry from ByJacky is designed by female designers. Much like our bags at KAAI, jewelry are items that hold a strong emotional value to them. Behind every KAAIbag or jewelry piece is a story.

Like our KAAI bags, jewelry is often bought for special occasions like graduations, promotions, birthdays, or holidays but they can also be a gift to yourself. The value of these gifts lies in the sentiment and authenticity of the piece which you are reminded of each time you decide to wear it. They can be a subtle addition to help you elevate your look while making you feel your best. The unique jewelry pieces from ByJacky and our timeless bags make it easy to mix and match with your everyday look.


At KAAI we believe that women shouldn’t have to compromise on style while going to work. By combining our bags with jewelry of ByJacky, we want to help women look their best while they achieve their goals and dreams.

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