KAAI x Annaëlle beach bag: flourish this summer

After several successful collabs with students from the Fashion Academy in Antwerp, it's time for a limited edition collab with the talented Annaëlle Reudink. Fun fact, last year we had the pleasure of meeting her as one of the models for the shoot with Igor Dieryck. 

Get to know the designer

Name: Annaëlle Reudink

Age: 21 (oh no! 22, oops)

Education: Fashion Design at the Fashion Academy in Antwerp, year 3

Must have in your bag: I always forget everything, but my keys and phone are a must. I also bring my little sketchbook, for drawings, ideas and other stuff. My little scribble book is very important to me.

About the designer: You may have seen garments (more like art pieces) by her before. For instance, Belgium's number 1 pop star Pommelien Thijs was spotted in her print and the Dutch singer Zoë Tauran sparkled in a full Annaëlle outfit in her music video. And now: KAAI x Annaëlle. Together with her, the KAAI beach bag was created.

"We’re always on the lookout for young creative talent to collaborate with. After spotting her standout collection at the fashion show of The Royal Antwerp Academy, we knew we wanted to bring her colourful vision to the world of KAAI.” 

- Ine & Helga co-founders KAAI

The vibrant print: infusing color into style

Annaëlle always keeps a small sketchbook in her bag, her scribble book. The print came from this very book. What started as a flower print on paper in watercolour paint, got transformed into a digital version on her iPad. The background of the print was initially created on paper using watercolour paint. She enjoys working both analogue and digital, and her print is a fusion of these elements. Thanks to the watercolour, the print comes to life, and brings out the vibrant essence of summer and the sea!

Beyond the beach bag

Everything has crossed our minds, even the material. In the summer, you're on the move, enjoying the outdoors. You want a bag that moves with you, that flows with your body. Therefore, we have chosen a soft luxurious nylon fabric. This limited edition bag is spacious and features a pocket with a zip to keep your essentials safe. Wear your summer bag cross body or over the shoulder; this way, you can hold as many ice creams as you need with the hands-free option.

Celebrate summer

Make your beach day even sunnier with the limited edition beach bag by KAAI x Annaëlle. Pack all your beach essentials easily in this spacious, vibrant bag. From sunscreen to sunglasses, towels to snacks, everything finds its place. This cross body bag will be ready for all your summer adventures with its practical functionality. With the Annaëlle beach bag by your side, you're not just ready for the beach – you're ready for summer.