Vote for KAAI to become 'Brand of the Year 2023'

Vote for KAAI to become 'Brand of the Year 2023'

Belgium is known for its remarkable fashion brands, and KAAI has been nominated for 'Brand of the Year 2023' by the Belgian Fashion Award Jury.

Your vote matters and will make all the difference in helping KAAI win this award.

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The jury has selected 10 outstanding brands, but your vote is the key to take this award home and celebrate this milestone with you and our team that worked hard to make this happen!

How to Vote for KAAI

1. Visit the official voting page on the Belgian Fashion Award website.
2. Fill in your name and email to verify your vote.
3. Select KAAI from the list.
4. Confirm your choice and hit submit!

It's that straightforward. Even if you're located internationally, your vote holds tremendous value in supporting KAAI.

Don't wait too long! Voting closes on November 16, 2023. Make your voice count and help KAAI become Brand of the Year 2023.

A heartfelt thank you to the incredible community of KAAI women! Your unwavering support and belief in KAAI made this nomination possible. You're the best ambassadors, and we're deeply grateful! 💕


Thank you for voting!

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