Founders Favourites: travel edition

Founders Favourites: travel edition

Summer vacation has started and the KAAI team is looking forward to their travels to sunny destinations. We've asked the founders Helga and Ine about their holiday plans and which KAAI bags they're taking with them ofcourse.

First of all, what's your travel destination this summer?

Helga: I'm travelling to the Mediteranée in the south of France because I love a getaway to the French coast.

Ine: I'm heading to France as well, to the Luberon area in the Provence.


What's the big KAAI bag you're going to take with you?

Helga: I've been carrying the Loop bag for more than 365 days and I'm absolutely taking it with me on my travels. It fits all my essentials including the laptop I'm taking with me to stay in touch with the KAAI team back home.

Ine: For work I also use the Loop bag but for travels I prefer the Helix. The structure of the bag makes sure it stands up straight in the car and thanks to the trolley strap I can attach it to my luggage for a comfy journey. I'm also taking my laptop and tablet with me so I need some room to carry my essentials in an organised way.


Which smaller bags are you planning to carry with you in your suitcase?

Helga: My thrusty companion for years has been my Ikon belt bag in turquoise, it reminds me of the Méditerranee so fits my summer outfits perfectly. For the evening I'm packing another bag from the Ikon family, the Ikon clutch in croco light grey. It's great for a restaurant visit and big enough for my essentials like my reading glasses to read the menu ofcourse. 

Ine: My everyday bag will be the Mini Arch in cream. I love to wear it crossbody and it fits both my reading glasses and sunglasses which is super handy. The magnetic closure makes it easy to use and the cream colour combines beautifully with all my holiday outfits. For sporty activities like hiking and biking I'm also taking the Ikon belt bag with me. Wearing it cross-body is perfect to have my hands free during all my adventures.


What do you always take with you while travelling?

Helga: During my holiday we always do some city tours where I need to carry not only my stuff but also my husband's. To be able to take all those items in a light way I'm going to use the Annaëlle x KAAI beach bag

Ine: My holiday essential is a cap, to keep the sun out of my eyes.


Give the #KAAIcommunity the ultimate travel tip!

Helga: What I do, is always check the itinnerry of my walks up front. Sometimes you don't have any signal or connection and you can get lost easily. So I always save screenshots on my phone to be sure we reach the destination.

Ine: I love to discover new restaurants and hotspots during my travels so I look everything up before leaving. Especially during high season it's crucial to check out where we want to go and book it upfront. 


Enjoy your travels, Ine and Helga! 

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