Eluxe Magazine: 10 brands using cactus leather

Eluxe Magazine: 10 brands using cactus leather

In recent years, the fashion industry has made a lot of progress in the search for alternative and sustainable materials that replicate the look and feel of leather. One of these innovative leather-like materials is made from cactus.

A brand that specializes in creating such a sustainable cactus-based material is the Mexican Desserto.

Desserto cactus leather


Since its foundation in 2019, Desserto has become a favorite for its exceptional skin-like texture and impressive durability. KAAI decided to partner with them for the creation of their first vegan drop.

The inside of a black Pyramid with internal organization and a laptop compartment for laptops up to 15.6"



Both on the inside and the outside, it's hard to spot the difference between the classic Pyramids and the vegan alternatives. Indeed, the bags made of cactus material are equally scratch- and water-resistant and have equally well-thought-out compartments on the inside. In short, the vegan Pyramids have all the beloved features of a KAAI work bag with an added touch of eco-friendliness.


Article from Eluxe Magazine featuring KAAI as one of the best brands using cactus leather


 “KAAI bags is one of the best cactus leather brands for packing in every single essential and organizing your day easily!”

-Eluxe Magazine


A nice bonus is also that the cactus material is lighter than leather. Therefore, the base weight of the vegan bags is less than that of their leather counterparts. This makes the vegan KAAI bags ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle, offering the perfect blend of style, functionality, and sustainability.

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