Discover Kaai at Luxe Digital: "The Belgian Big (Bag) Bang"

Discover Kaai at Luxe Digital: "The Belgian Big (Bag) Bang"

We are honored by the beautiful article from Luxe Digital about Kaai. The editor in chief at Luxe Digital 'Florine Eppe', tested our bags and was blown away by the design and functionality. In her own words, she thinks of a Kaai bag as

"a practical bag that elevates your fashionable outfit and goes with your agenda. One that restores order. One that speaks of power and confidence. One that will work just as hard as you do. And do it with style."

Florine perfectly describes our bags, as well as, mentions their functionality, design, and simplicity. 

“Women carry a lot of daily essentials. They should enrich your life – not make it messier."

Due to these different compartments, we can promise you that our bags organize women’s busy lifestyles in a fashionable way. During the last months, our bags have been delivered worldwide in New York, Hongkong, Tokio... So happy our Kaai community grows every day. 

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