A week of inspiring Keynotes, #KAAIWomen, and Festivities – Dive into the Program!

This October, mark your calendars and join us in celebrating a monumental milestone: KAAI is turning 5 🎉

Be part of a week-long celebration filled with captivating talks and keynote speakers, in-store activities, and a whole lot of laughter and learning.

The week of October 9 is all about celebrating you, the #kaaicommunity.

Please note that space is limited, so make sure to reserve your spot early. Your celebratory drink is already chilling, waiting for a fantastic night out!


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Explore the program:

October 11/ Empower your Wardrobe

Transform your approach to dressing with Liesbeth Verlinden, a seasoned stylist, and Lynn Mikolajczak, digital closet innovator.

Tired of the daily closet dilemma?

  • Discover the secrets to creating a powerful contemporary wardrobe.

  • Learn all about the latest fall trends.

  • Tips & tricks on how to curate your key pieces.

  • Get most out of your closet with a cutting-edge digitalized closet technology.

  • Save time and eliminate the stress of choosing the perfect outfit every day.

Say goodbye to the "I have nothing to wear" moments!

Date: October 11
Time: 19h00 (doors open at 18h30)
Location: Nationalestraat 91, Antwerp

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October 12/ From sketch to style with Designer Helga

Dive into the heart of KAAI's design philosophy and creation process with Helga Meersmans, the designer and co-founder Ine Verhaert.

  • Learn all about the intricacies of transforming a drawing into a wearable handbag.

  • Get to discover every step in the 'How its made' process.

  • From sketch, to prototyping, to sourcing of the materials and the final product.

  • Get hands-on with embossing your very own KAAI lucky charm with your initials.

Date: October 12
Time: 19h00 (doors open at 18h30)
Where: Galerie du Roi 21, Brussels

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October 13/ The truth is all over our faces

Unlock the hidden truths that lie in every interaction. Layla El Mourabit is a seasoned Certified Leadership Coach and Master in Micro-Expressions.

  • Learn how to understand emotions, intentions, and unspoken thoughts with a mere glance at someone's face.

  • Unravel the mysteries of micro-expressions.

  • Discover the truth in faces.

  • Gain a competitive edge in negotiations, hiring, and persuasive communication by better understanding what they mean.

Date: October 13
Time: 19h00 (doors open at 18h30)
Location: Nationalestraat 91, Antwerp

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Thank you #KAAIwomen

You are the driving force behind KAAI's success. We're immensely grateful that you've been a vital part of the journey.

Here's to you and to all the remarkable #KAAIwomen. Thank you for being the heart and soul of this brand!

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