#Episode 5 - Angélique Van Gils (Belgium)

#Episode 5 - Angélique Van Gils (Belgium)

The MIC traveled within the borders of KAAI's home country Belgium to talk with Angélique Van Gils. Angélique is the co-founder and co-owner of Pursuit Femmes and Café Costume. Two companies that are in the business of tailor-made suits. As of late, Angélique is no longer active in Café Costume and is focusing on building her new company Pursuit Femmes with her two daughters, Joy and Jill.  


Angélique was born in Athens, Greece, and came to Belgium at the age of six. You could say tailoring is in her blood as she was born into a family that created tailor-made suits. With the company Pursuit Femmes, their mission is clear:  


"We empower women by dressing them so that they believe in themselves in order to succeed in their talents, outperform themselves, and be role models for the next generation."


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 Angélique is building a business together with her two daughters. Working with family can be rewarding but challenging at times. 

By working alongside her daughters, Angélique learned that communication is key. Whenever there is bad communication, you should evaluate the situation and learn from it.


The life of a female business owner can get quite hectic at times. Therefore she values starting her day with a session of yoga and breathing exercises. Discover her morning routine in our podcast.

“I have around an hour in the morning to really have what you're calling "me-time". It's Angélique time”



Listen to the podcast to get some insights into how Angélique organizes her life as a business owner, and which tools she implemented into her daily life to make life less stressful. 

Her best advice to women in business: 

"I always say one word and that one word is 'loslaten' in Dutch which stands for letting go, just do it" 


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