The Helix tote bag might be the work-travel bag we all need. Organize your travel essentials inside your bag..

I was searching for a fashionable — but still practical! — work bag and came across this women-founded, women-owned startup from Belgium. Their collection of stunning, handmade, real leather work bags is making big waves in Europe – having a close community all around the globe! 

Read on to discover why driven and successful career women are now also enamored by KAAI newest business bag, the Helix.


Frustrated with work bags that look beautiful, but can barely hold your wallet and phone, let alone a laptop? Or bags that are sturdy and practical... but look more like plane luggage or a “mom bag” than an accessory?

Then KAAI is the solution for you!

My search for a stylish workbag 

I was tired of using fabric bags (and sometimes even ziplocs) to keep my pens, my makeup, my earphones, and my phone charger all separate from each other. I was tired of not being able to find what I was looking for, when I needed it. From my car keys buried at the bottom of my bag, to my charger cable that I was sure had just vanished into thin air...

But no matter what, I couldn’t find a bag that truly fit everything in it AND looked good at the same time.

Until I came across the Helix Bag, the newest asset of the amazing KAAI collection.

An absolute beauty...

Its clean, pure, minimalist lines caught my attention at first. More versatile than ever, the Helix is a modern over-the-shoulder XL shopper that blends seamlessly with your everyday business attire. This bag is not just meant to get the job done, its lightweight and relaxed design makes it perfect to carry from the office straight into the weekend. Speeking about a work-travel-weekend bag!


The leather is made from 100% Italian grain leather sourced from a single tannery in Italy. It is scratch-proof, water-proof, and UV resistant so your bag will keep its shape and colour for years.

For those who are looking for a more lightweight, and environmentally conscious bag, the brand recently launched the Helix in eco-canvas. And he looks beautiful too! I read the bag is made of recycled nylon and organic cotton and is treated specially to protect it against rain showers and stains. So you don’t have to worry about unexpected rain showers on your commute or getaway.

The Helix Bag comes in a selection of timeless colors to match any outfit in any season. What's your favourite? The leather one in Camel, Moss Green or Black or the eco-canvas version in Beige?

The more I researched the Helix bag, it wasn’t long before I realized this work bag didn’t just look beautiful. It was practical and functional too!

This KAAI bag has a spacious design with lots of organization possibilities. With eight inner compartments, you can have a dedicated spot for all your essentials. 

Besides that, the bag comes with two outer pockets. One outer back pocket to easily store away your phone and no longer miss any call. One specially designed outer front pocket to keep your tech gadgets such as wireless earphones within your reach. 


Every single Helix Bag has been meticulously handcrafted to be elegant, strong, sporty and super practical. From its smooth leather outside to its rich, yet soft, blue velvet suede interior. This is a bag you can take with you from home to work to a weekend away. Day after day after day. Without it ever falling apart.

 Its build-in laptop sleeve fits your laptop up to 15.6 inches. Like the other KAAI bags, this one also has a super reinforced base and tiny metal feet on the bottom so your laptop will never hit the ground (and your bag won’t get dirty too) when you put it down. 

Its sturdy zipper closure makes sure to keep everything tucked in safely and securely at the top. I love not having to be worried about other people grabbing something out of my bag while I am commuting. 


No more conviction needed, I would assume? ;-) Then hurry up to make your life so much easier. From work to weekend, this bag will be your newest fashion crush.



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