Care & maintenance

Be careful with handgels: Why?

Handgels contain +70% alcohol and will damage the leather, it causes stains which can unfortunately not be removed. 

How to treat the leather of your bag?

As the plain, striped, grain and naplack leather of the mini Hero, Hero, Ikon , midi and Pyramid and the bags are treated with a special technique to protect from water and color fading, you only have to clean your bag with water and detergent (not alcohol) using a  wet cloth.  Be sure to test products before applying to the whole bag.  Please do not use any special leather care product on your Kaai bag as it might damage the special coating of the leather.

What about the special editions in croco leather?

This leather is a fine Italian full grain calf leather, printed with a crocodile motif. It should be treated with a slightly moist cloth. Avoid any use of solvent or chemicals. If the bag is wet because of rainfall, it should be dried with a cloth in order to keep the leather beautiful. Do not use any spray as this can reduce the shiny effect of the leather and even damage the leather.

How to wear your Kaai mini hero and hero bag?

Please always close the zipper of the bag before closing the frontflap. Especially when your bag is fully loaded it helps to keep the shape of the bag, as well to avoid that the magnetic buttons might loosen while you are on the go. Make sure the straps are long enough (you can adapt the length easily with the studs) to avoid too many stress on the leather and edges and avoid breaking of it.  

How to wear your Kaai Ikon? 

If you like to attach the long strap to your Ikon bag, always attach it at the back of the metal ring. This will allow the design fully come to its own and assure maximum comfort for you. 

How to wear your Kaai Ikon clutch? 

Read our blogpost to know all about the Ikon Clutch and get the most out of your bag!