After work Apero on 17/10, meet the designers behind these genuine brands

After work Apero on 17/10, meet the designers behind these genuine brands

We got to know Jennifer Elliot (Elliot & Ostrich Jewellery), Ramona Wilmes (MONA WIE) and Olivia Couvreur (Cara Rosa) through a common network. We met each other for dinner and found out that we share a remarkably similar story. Our mission is to bring back genuine quality in fashion. Each of our brands has its own story to tell, but together we offer a timeless wardrobe for women with an eye for quality and aesthetics.

Sincere quality

"Rather spend a little more on pieces that fit everything, last for years and have a special meaning attached to them...", is the need that Genuine responds to. We are aimed at women who have an eye for refined materials and a timeless, elegant look. Clothing and accessories you don't have to think about for too long, that suit any occasion.

Sincere functionality

Women are busy today. Our idea was to bring products to the market that would allow women to live a more relaxed life. For example, Cara Rosa has integrated sneaker technology into the mounting sole of an elegant shoe. Our handbags on the other hand are also cleverly designed with ingenious compartments on the inside and multifunctional in its use.


Sincere craftsmanship

Our brands have come a long way in their search for the best craftsmen and the most refined materials. We're all very close to our own production process. We choose the best leather, the highest quality fabrics and gemstones. This is the only way to obtain a product of very high quality.

Ramona, founder MONA WIE succeeded in convincing a young designer and Elke Hoste from Antwerp to work with her. She returned to her Portuguese roots for the production. Elliot & Ostrich, on the other hand, stays with the experts in Antwerp for the delivery and manufacture.

Our handbags and the shoes of Cara Rosa are made from fine Italian quality leather and are processed by people who really master leather craft. 


Sincere stories

The Genuine collections lend themselves to "gifting", the purchase of a meaningful gift to celebrate a special moment in life.

Elliot & Ostrich stands for "meaningful jewellery". The jewellery is used to celebrate special moments such as engagement or giving birth. In this way her jewels each tell a personal story.


Affordable and sustainable luxury

The Genuine collection offers timeless colours and ingenious details. Our price point is in the upper segment but gives you a lot in return. That's why we speak of affordable luxury, that pays for itself in the long run.

Together, Genuine luxury, we will organize shopping events where craftsmanship and quality are central.

Practical information

From 26/09 to 28/08 at Cara Rosa, Korte Steenstraat 13, Kortrijk.

From 17/10 until 19/10 in Kaai Studio Store, Nationalestraat 91, Antwerp.

End of year event at the end of November, location is still a surprise

Photocredits: Leentje Loves Light