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Refer a friend and receive 50€

01 Oct, 2018

Refer a friend program

Recommend Kaai to your friends, colleagues or family. Every friend who buys a bag of >300€ thanks to you, will give you a 50€ credit. Refer as many friends as you want, so you can save for your own Kaai bag. 


How do you start?

1. Get in contact with us at

2. Request for a personal promotion code to start up your refer a friend program.

3. spread the word, and give them your personal code.

4. When your friends are buying a bag from Kaai (online or in our studio-store), they have to use your personal promotion code in the check-out stage or tell our people in the studio-store.

5. You will be rewarded with 50€ for every order which is placed with this code, once payment is received. 

6. If the order is not accepted by your friend ( for example when she returns the bag ) we have the right to deduct the 50€ from your credit account. 

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