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KAAI & FACON JACMIN & frank x daisy

13 Feb, 2019


February brings fresh winds filled with ideas, dreams, motivations, and creativity. We are happy to announce a collaboration with two other timeless fashion brands of female entrepreneurs. Functional leather designs, Japanese denim and honest gold join forces. Drop by Saturday or Sunday 2nd or 3rd of March at KAAI's studio store where the 3 collections will be present during the entire weekend. Meet the designers behind KAAI, FAÇON JACMIN and frank x daisy and get to know the story behind each brand as well as their new collections. By women, for women. You can also try out the newest pieces and enjoy personal styling

You can find the event on our Facebook.

BE THERE! 'Get lucky and win an EXCLUSIVE item from a participating brand! Join us Saturday or Sunday and participate at our competition! We'll announce three winners

Meet the womenpreneurs behind 3 fashion brands


The bag for the 21st century!

KAAI is not an everyday handbag brand and distinguishes itself by offering a stylish and elegant handbag that is very functional: the handy storage compartments provide plenty of space and keep the bag clear throughout the day. Therefore, KAAI is the must-have for anyone who never finds anything in her handbag. The inspiration for the design and colors of the handbag was the art deco period, which is a typical style for the city of Antwerp. Each item is handmade with high quality Italian leather which is water and stain resistant. Ine and Helga attach great importance to the sustainability of the handbag. Once a KAAI, always a KAAI.


The brand FAÇON JACMIN originated from the passion that two sisters Alexandra and Ségolène Jacmin had for denim. The young Belgian brand was able to make a name in a short time by creating exciting and season-less collections made in Japanese denim for the active women. The choice for the Japanese denim was made because of the durable fabric with a geometric cut that easily adapts to every figure. The name FAÇON JACMIN is inspired by the old saying façonnier, a tailor. The reason behind this is that the denim brand wants to return to the concept where the shop and atelier were in the same room. This offers customers the opportunity to get acquainted with the creative process and the craft behind the collections. In addition, the sisters want to leave a mark on artisanal handcrafts in the fashion industry. Hence, they launch three artisan pieces every 6 months in addition to the basis collection.
If you are curious, you can already take a look at their website or Instagram


Daisies are a symbol of purity and innocence and represent beauty and simplicity. Add openness and honesty to that mix and the jewelry brand frank x daisy is born. Founder Charlotte Feryn believes that sustainability, luxury and transparency go hand in hand. Together with her partner Fairminded she creates an ethical quality guarantee for every piece where no one should suffer for the material used in the jewelry. The collections contain fair and portable items for the active woman. Charlotte has launched the hashtag #GoldToBeProudOf so that you can wear your jewelry with pride.

If you are curious, you can already take a look at her website or Instagram

Join us at Kaai studio store, Nationalestraat 91 Antwerp

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