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24 Nov, 2020

Why Black Friday is a different kind of Black Friday at KAAI. 

We understand the so-called deals are tempting to purchase things, but let’s take a minute to reflect.  Most of the Black Friday deals aren’t designed for your benefit, but for the benefit of the seller. They look appealing in the newspapers or in the mailings you receive, but the flip side of that coin is they are developed to lure you with limited-time offer and coerce you into purchasing things you don’t really need.

Truth to be told, Black Friday stands for overconsumption, misleading offers, a race to the bottom and especially a black day for climate and nature.


At Kaai we support honest prices, high quality and timeless design and this every day, so no special deals or discounts on Black Friday.

But this year is unusual, the world around us changes in unpredictable ways and  we need to find new forms of staying close. That’s why  we want  to offer you something special, something you can share.

If you purchase your favorite Kaai bag (+395€) this weekend in our web shop (or pick up in our studio store), you receive a gift voucher of 50€. The offer is valid till 30/11!

Donate your voucher to somebody who deserves it, somebody you love, somebody who needs a little extra attention.


How does it work?

1. Fill your basket with products till €395

2. Add a giftcard of €50

3. The giftcard will be automatically deducted from your bill.


Even we can not be all together this year, you can send the gift voucher by mail or by post  in a surprise box to your beloved one. 

Do you prefer to pick up your bag + gift voucher at our studio store? You can book a private appointment by clicking on this calendar. Please leave a note with which bag you want to order. You can pay with cards and cash in our store. We will wrap the gift voucher in a special box.

Let’s celebrate together and enjoy happiness by giving. 

With love, 

Ine & Helga

Co-founders Kaai

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